Franchisees, Entrepreneurs testimonies

  • Franchisees, Entrepreneurs testimonies

    Entrepreneurs and Franchisees share their entrepreneurial experience. Discover their course, why they chose the franchise, the difficulties encountered and the record of their experiences. So you can get an idea of what the life of an entrepreneur who is a franchisee and the specifics of each brands franchisee ‘s point of view.

  • I wanted to set up a business that reflects my interests: table decoration and food. I had lived in the local area for 15 years, so I was familiar with the local environment and already had some good contacts. So my choice of location was an obvious one. I managed to find some premises on one of the main shopping streets in the area, close to the metro. So the risk was fairly low. Barely one year passed between my initial contact and the opening of my store.

    Franchisee, wine merchant


  • I visited Franchise Expo Paris for the first time at the age of 14. I've always wanted to be my own boss. I choose franchising for a number of reasons. I'm not interested in setting up businesses as an end in itself, especially in the catering sector. In my network, the initial training period lasts for three months. That was very reassuring, since it's important to have all the information you need before starting. Running a franchise business is much easier than running a traditional business, since the backing of a big brand is also reassuring for banks. I wouldn't have gone into business any other way.
    Franchisee, catering sector

  • Before becoming a franchisee, I used to be a department manager in a DIY store. I wanted to change my habits and create my own company. So, I surfed the web, looking for new ideas. From the very start, I turned towards franchising, because I did not have all the required skills, for instance, where the creation of recipes is concerned.

    Franchisee, catering merchant

  • I visited the Franchise Expo show because I was looking to set up a service company. One of the service-sector brands at the show caught my eye. I was particularly impressed with the brand’s corporate philosophy and its approach to franchising, and I decided that it was the right fit for me. Just a month and a half after the show, we began looking for a location and premises to set up the business. I launched my agency in February of the following year. This year, my target is to reach 100 customers and to create jobs in my local area.

    Franchisee, care services sector

  • I attended Franchise Expo Paris for the first time in 2015, to find out about new concepts that could be applied to our market. There was a vast selection of brands across all possible sectors, and with varying levels of investment. I came away brimming with ideas, and a number of projects are currently being assessed.

    General Manager, fashion company looking for international fashion brands to develop in Turkey.


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