Friday, October 13, 2023

How did they set up their business?

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How did they set up their business?
· Grégoire de Belmont set up Arkose in 2014 with three partners to develop indoor climbing centres all over France and even beyond. He shares his experience on
"Entrepreneurs, don’t be afraid to join forces!"

· Taïg Khris, or how roller blading taught him to keep a cool head, an asset for starting a business. He tells his story on

Instead of doubting, I constantly questioned myself. Success is built day by day. Sport taught me that. You have to fall 2,000 times before you pulls off the biggest roller blading tricks.

· Manon Debarle founded Bunami, a pulled meat concept, with a partner she met while studying at the Institut Paul Bocuse. From struggling to get financing to the difficulties of construction works, she explains the steps of setting up her business and the strength of her partnership with her friend on

"I couldn’t imagine being a solo entrepreneur. The difficulties encountered have only served to confirm that it was the right choice."

· Julien Antoniolli, the founder of Lupo, shares his entrepreneurial experience and looks back at his failures which enabled him to bounce back and finally meet with success. Listen to the podcast on