What are your visiting goals?

Franchise Expo Paris helps you prepare your visit and fulfil your visiting goals.
Créez votre entreprise

Create your business

Are you itching to create your own business, become your own boss, work more independently, or have a job tailored just for you?

Take advantage of the exhibition to check if you are cut out to run your own business, attend some talks to learn all the keys about business creation, and meet the experts who will support you in getting started.

Finance your project

The major French banking networks are all in attendance at the show to answer your questions. They help project developers in putting together their loan applications.

On the stand, or at talks, they go into all the aspects of financing, and will provide you with tips and advice to make sure your application is persuasive enough to land you the loan.
Financez votre projet
Devenir franchisé

Become a franchisee

You’ve made your decision: you want to be a franchisee!
Come to the show to choose your concept. Take your pick between more than 500 brands in more than 90 sectors of activity!

Take advantage of your visit to meet the teams from each network, chat with other franchisees, and meet the leaders of the brands that you’re interested in.

Visit the local authorities, discover the advantages of their region and the support they offer to help you set up business in their zone.
Pluri et multi franchise

Become a multi-unit or multi-brand franchisee

You may already have points of sale and wish to continue development opening other shops in other regions, or joining other sectors of activity.
Discover the latest on-trend sectors, new profitable activities, and innovative concepts as you walk around the stands or watch franchise brand sales pitches.
Master Franchise

Become a master franchisee

Are you interested in investing in a brand to develop it in your region or country? Many brands are mature enough to develop into other countries. You have several possibilities: meet foreign brands wishing to set up in France, or support a French brand in expanding into a new region or another country.

Launch your concept as a franchise

Do you have a concept and want to develop it as a franchise?
Come and test it at the show to find out whether it could be run as a franchise network.

Franchising experts will be on hand to advise you on the right method to use to make your idea a successful franchise: how to deploy the network, what type of contract to use, and the keys to success.
Lancez votre concept en franchise
Développez votre réseau actuel

Develop your current network

Do you already have a network and wish to develop it?

Visit the show to find out:
  • how to drive it, develop it, optimise it
  • the best regions in which to open new establishments
  • the tools to help you manage your network
  • the experts who can support you on legal matters.

Where are you going to set up?

You’ve made your decision: you want to open your franchise business! But maybe you haven’t yet chosen quite where to set it up?

Local authorities present their strengths, their grants for business creation and for the establishment of new high street businesses, etc.

Exhibitors in the Business Creation Support Area will also be a source of good advice on the best locations to choose.
Où allez-vous vous installer

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