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Are you ready to launch your business and make your dreams come true? Then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to, the definitive website for everyone aspiring to freedom, independence and entrepreneurial success. Whether you are already a seasoned entrepreneur or considering launching your first company, this website is packed with essential resources and tools to help you get on in business.

The first aspect that makes so unique is its vast collection of practical guides and expert advice. You will find in-depth articles on all aspects of entrepreneurship, from business ideation to growth and team management. Whether you are looking for advice on drafting a robust business plan, efficient marketing strategies or tips to overcome the everyday challenges that entrepreneurs face today? is your source of reference.

In addition to the guides, the website also offers inspiring case studies that highlight the real successes and failures of entrepreneurs. These captivating stories will help you learn from the experience of others, avoid numerous pitfalls and get inspiration to rise to your own entrepreneurial challenges.

Are you looking for financing opportunities for your company? is here to help. The website offers a section dedicated to sources of finance, where you will find information on subsidies, loans and potential investors. Practical advice on making out financing applications and on how to present your project in an effective way are also available to maximise your chances of success.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the sector. offers you a section dedicated to entrepreneurial news, where you will find articles on technological breakthroughs, market trends, commercial regulations and much more besides. By keeping up your knowledge, you will be able to take informed decisions and seize the opportunities that arise.

A new media dedicated to entrepreneurship and franchising

Through this new media, Infopro Digital and the FFF intend to provide all project developers wishing to become entrepreneurs in the broadest sense of the word with a platform on which they can discover testimonials, practical tips, expert opinions and an array of useful information for business creation.

This new media, a spin-off of Franchise Expo Paris, also offers pride of place to doing business in a franchise and its benefits. A model which simplifies and secures business creation through the franchisee operating a brand and a concept that have been tried, tested and proven by the franchisor.