Monday, March 13, 2023

Give your city centre a boost with new high street businesses!

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Give your city centre a boost with new high street businesses!

The exhibition with the widest range of brands

From electric two-wheelers to manicures, from fine food to poke bowls, from housing energy audits to leisure centres, and from horse riding equipment to office supplies, you couldn’t imagine the variety of concepts that await at Franchise Expo Paris!
Franchising isn’t just about retailing: there is also a wide range of services to companies and consumers to be discovered: delivery, computer troubleshooting, temp work, furniture storage, or school tutoring among many others.
With more than 400 brands taking part in Franchis Expo Paris, you will discover an extensive range of high-street businesses that will enable you to round out the commercial proposition of your municipality.
- Get a feel for the atmosphere of the point of sale,
- Meet the management,
- Have a chat with franchisees.

Identify the most attractive points of sale for your community

- Looking for businesses offering convenient services for their customers, with delivery, suitable opening hours, or click-and-collect?
- Looking to favour brands with responsible approaches, or those that offer fair trade goods or work directly with producers to meet the new demands of consumers?
- Wishing to offer new options with an attractive shopping experience and a friendly purchasing atmosphere?
Order your visitor pass to come and meet them at Franchise Expo Paris!

How about testing a pilot shop?

This concept offers people wishing to open a business the chance to test their idea in a pilot shop for a several month period. The future business owner benefits from subsidised rent and the support of a network of local partners. More than 100 towns and cities in France have already adopted the concept.