Monday, September 11, 2023

The French Franchising Federation shakes up received wisdom with its new campaign “And why not me?”

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The French Franchising Federation shakes up received wisdom with its new campaign “And why not me?”

Business creation: accessible to anyone?

The answer to that question is a resounding “yes”, according to the French Franchising Federation (FFF). To encourage budding entrepreneurs to take the plunge, the FFF has launched a new platform: and a bold and humorous campaign entitled 'Et pourquoi pas moi?' (‘And why not me?’). This campaign aims to challenge received wisdom around entrepreneurship and inspire new views on franchising.

Off the beaten track

Today, the idea of launching their own business appeals to one in four French people. And yet, many preconceptions and obstacles, whether psychological, financial or material in nature, still hold many people back in their desire to get started.

The ‘And why not me?’ campaign

The 'Et pourquoi pas moi?' campaign has been deployed on social media with a light-hearted and humoristic tone. Its main goal is to call out all the false preconceptions that still exist around franchising and running a business in general. The FFF wants to show that franchising offers an accessible path to people who dream of creating their own business.

Changing mentalities

The campaign draws on hard-hitting messages and captivating visuals to break down stereotypes and biases about entrepreneurship. It encourages people to ask themselves “Why not me?” and seriously consider franchising as a viable option to start their own business.

An inspiring initiative

The French Franchising Federation, with this campaign, displays its commitment towards promoting entrepreneurship and franchising as an accessible business model. This initiative aims to inspire people who are still hesitating to take the plunge and demonstrate that entrepreneurship could be a realistic option for anyone.
Read the interview (in French) with FFF chief executive Véronique Discours-Buhot, who talks about the launch of this campaign to the media

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The FFF campaign and the exhibition Franchise Expo Paris come together in their mission to promote entrepreneurship and franchising as a business model accessible to all.
So don’t wait a minute longer and come and join this movement that shakes up received wisdom to build a bolder and more accessible entrepreneurial future.

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