Monday, December 4, 2023

Franchise your concept

Become a franchisor
Franchise your concept
The show offers a unique platform to determine whether your concept is suitable for being rolled out as a franchise network or an independent organised retail chain. The exhibition is an indispensable meeting place where entrepreneurs can explore franchising opportunities, receive the benefit of expert advice, and discover the keys to success in this competitive area.

Take part in the “becoming a franchisor” talks organised by experts from the FFF.

These 14 sessions are designed to provide you with essential information on the process of becoming a franchisor, the steps to follow, and the key factors that will help you build a successful franchising network.

Identify the sessions specifically dedicated to the theme of “becoming a franchisor” to make sure you don’t miss any contributions and tips and advice from experts in this area.

New: try our exclusive quiz entitled “becoming a franchisor” in partnership with Franchise Management (in French)

The quiz offers an in-depth assessment of your knowledge and understanding of the crucial aspects of franchising. This initiative aims to help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to set about the franchising process in confidence and  with a clear vision.

Meet the 23 experts from the French Franchising Federation!

They will be there to share their know-how and advise you on the best method to convert your idea into a successful franchise. Along the subjects covered: practical tips on setting up a network, choosing the most suitable franchise contract, ands tips to guarantee the success of your franchised business.

> Use the business sector filter “Experts FFF” in the exhibitor list to specifically target franchising experts.

New: Take part in the "Start Franchise Tour" in partnership with Franchise Management, on Monday 18 March.

Aimed at concept owners wishing to explore the idea of launching a franchise, this “Start Franchise Tour” includes a morning of round tables with experts and personal accounts from well-established franchisors, to foster idea sharing. A guided tour of the show will allow participants to meet experts and exhibitors, offering a clear view of the available resources. For people in search of practical advice and seeking to develop their network, the Start Franchise Tour is a crucial step.

New: An exclusive webinar for future franchisors
From 22 February, you will be able to watch our brand new webinar “I have an idea for a concept - is it duplicable?” This talk will give you all the keys to find out whether your big idea might be deployable in the form of a franchise.

Whether you are just beginning to develop your concept or looking to perfect an existing network, the show helps you acquire all the useful knowledge, make new contacts and drive your project forward to becoming a franchising success.