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PASTA DASEMPRE exhibit at Franchise Expo Paris

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PASTA DASEMPRE exhibit at Franchise Expo Paris
Pasta DaSempre (formerly Pasta&Company) is the prime organized sales concept for fresh Italian pasta in the market. With its 200 points of sale in France (out of a total of about 400 throughout Europe), it offers its partners a unique solutionthat reduces the fixed costs of managing a traditional sales point and thus increasing the reseller's percentage of turnover.

With Pasta DaSempre, the entrepreneur can benefit from a daily production of fresh pasta characterized by variety and freshness of products. In addition, new partners are supported at every stage of their journey through the assistance of dedicated training, sales, and marketing teams.

Pasta DaSempre is therefore the leading brand in the organized fresh pasta sales business model in the food markets of Europe, a concept that allows the entrepreneur to be the consumer's reference point for a daily food solution,achieve professional growth, and attain economic satisfaction.


The open-air market, like fresh pasta, is a tradition that has always been passed down.

The market: the place of excellence for trade, but also for encounters and relationships - like a grand celebration that takes place and renews itself every morning and in different locations, with its scents, colors, and sounds.

A place synonymous with trust, freshness, authenticity, and variety of products.


Fresh pasta is produced by our in-house pasta producer, Pasta Girardi (the creator of the sales concept and the brand, Pasta DaSempre) The fresh pasta is produced by our pasta workshop, Pasta Girardi (creator of the sales concept and the brand, Pasta DaSempre), studying and creating taste emotions wrapped in the shapes of fresh pasta sheets.

Pasta Girardi is the evolution of Pasta&Company founded in 1997, even though the company's history and traditions date back to the 1950s. Today, Pasta Girardi is an international reality, present in Italy but also in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg, where it offers its innovative organized sales network under the Pasta DaSempre brand.


Here are the key features of the RAM (Authorized Reseller on Markets) model conceived by the brand:

  • The entrepreneur has direct contact with the producer: thus, entrepreneurs who decide to open their sales activity in markets with Pasta Girardi source directly from the supplier. The absence of intermediaries means lower costs and also a very strong partnership with the supplier because the growth of one goes hand in hand with the growth of the other.

  • Experience and credibility stemming from over 20 years in the food production sector, an Italian oenogastronomic heritage.

  • Financial feasibility and economic viability of the investment.

  • Investments are lighter: Selling in open-air markets means a mobile store. Pasta DaSempre's RAM partners don't need a store to sell their fresh pasta but a refrigerated showcase that they carry directly to the market square.

  • Variety and freshness of products, guaranteed by Pasta DaSempre for every day of the year.

  • Commercial support in identifying sales areas and constant performance improvement.

  • Ongoing updates and training.

  • Marketing/toolbox services: brand strategy and communication, social support of the reseller's brand image to make it immediately recognizable and known for the quality of its products.


Pasta DaSempre is an authentic and sustainable sales concept, an innovative formula based on tradition and innovation that continues to succeed, allowing for economic well-being and personal satisfaction: a simple and accessible concept for young people, women, and families.

As a testimony to the strength of our organized sales concept in the field, let's recall that the first sales point we opened in France dates back to 1995 and is still active with consistently increasing results.

The best confirmation of the reliability and durability of our sales model on the market, in the end, is the fact that all our historical resellers, the first of whom was affiliated in 1998, are still active and are the main witnesses of Pasta DaSempre.

You too can be part of this adventure: come meet us at booth L130.