Wednesday, December 20, 2023

2 associations to support entrepreneurial spirit!

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2 associations to support entrepreneurial spirit!
Franchise Expo Paris is actively involved in helping entrepreneurs by working with two dedicated NGOs. Every exhibitor and visitor at the show can contribute to this noteworthy initiative by voting for the organisation of their choice.

To reduce its impact on the environment, the exhibition has decided this year to reduce the number of catalogues it prints. The money saved, estimated at €5,000, will be donated to these associations. The exhibition’s participants are invited to select the project they wish to support from a choice of two specific organisations. Once they have decided, they simply click to vote for the association of their choice, and Franchise Expo Paris will make donations to each association in proportion to the votes received.
Among the causes you can support is the mentoring programme for migrant entrepreneurs proposed by SINGA España. Alice Barbe, the cofounder of SINGA, describes the philosophy of the movement which focuses on building ties between migrants and refugees and their host society by encouraging collaborative projects with social impact. The programme aims to establish connections and deliver training to help migrant entrepreneurs bring their projects to fruition.
Another project that deserves your support is the entrepreneurial training programme for women’s emancipation, presented by Entrepreneurs du Monde. This programme aims at developing the economic independence of women in rural and disadvantaged parts of Casamance in Senegal, a region suffering from 30 years of conflict. In these communities, it is particularly hard to earn a living. With the Fansoto programme, local women benefit from comprehensive training courses to finance, launch and develop their commercial activities.
Franchise Expo Paris’ commitment towards these two initiatives underscores the importance of supporting diversified and inclusive projects that promote the economic autonomy of migrant entrepreneurs and women in often challenging circumstances.
By contributing to this initiative, you all have an opportunity to actively contribute to promoting entrepreneurship and playing a significant role in creating positive impact both locally and internationally.

Voting is open from 1 December 2023 to 31 March 2024.