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Business creation is on trend

The number of created business has been increasing these past few years. 

In 2021, a record has been hit in France with 995,900(1) new companies created, 17% more than in 2020, when the previous record has been hit. It show that Covid has not harmed the French's will to become their own boss.

(1) Source: INSEE

Young people are the most motivated to create their business

What's the profile of an entrepreneur?
Mostly a young man, with more qualfications than the average in France. 1 person under 30 out of 2 is thinking about creating its business, whereas 1 French above 30 out of 4 is thinking to do so(2).

(2) Source IFOP - BPI survey

The French population is willing to create their own business

According to the annual franchise survey of Banque Populaire, 28% of French people would like to create their business and among thel 43% consider opening a franchise(3).
Indeed, the franchise model eases the process of starting up one's business, as one becomes their own boss and gets help, advice, experience and the reputation of the franchisor. Choosing a brand that has already proven its success, enables one to start his business quickly and safely.

(3) Source: 18th franchise survey of Banque Populaire, in partnership with the French Franchise Federation and Kantar - 2021

The dynamism of the franchise market

In 2021, there were 1 965 franchise networks in France, 79 134 franchised outlets, representing a turnover of € 68.8 billions(4).
Since 2015, the franchise model has increased: +7% of franchise networks, +14% of franchises outlets and a turnover of +29%.
Franchised oultets create jobs and are an asset for the French economy: in 2021, 447,711 were working for a franchise.

(4) Source: French Franchise Federation - 2021

Who are the franchisees?

  • 76% of franchisees were employed before starting a franchise(4).
  • 1 franchisee out of 2 has created its business in a different business sector.
  • In average, a franchisee opens its first outlet at 36.
(4) Source: French Franchise Federation - 2021

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