Franchise Expo Paris welcomes more than 220 new exhibitors at its 42nd edition

February 2024
Franchise Expo Paris will be back from Saturday 16 to Monday 18 March 2024 for a 42nd edition promising a great deal of business opportunities. The number of registered exhibitors has risen by 6% compared with the previous edition, confirming favourable economic tailwinds for the development of franchising.

This international franchising gathering is the opportunity for young brands and fast-developing names to go out and meet potential franchisees in search of new opportunities. Whether they be well-established brands such as McDonalds, Subway or NOZ, or small French gems looking to grow such as Avril, Franchise Expo Paris this year is playing host to an array of new franchised brands.

Discount retail, beauty and hospitality: booming sectors
Continuing inflation and pressure on the cost of living of French consumers are both factors that favour discount products. While mass retail brands are seeing a rotation this year with the arrival of new exhibitors such as Fnac, Monoprix maison and Conforama, the show is also playing host to many hard discount brands such as NOZ, Easy Cash and B&M.

Fnac, the reference multi-speciality retailer and an unavoidable figure in the French retail landscape, aims to take advantage of Franchise Expo Paris to support its development as a franchise. “Fnac is a strong brand in the Fnac-Darty group, the European leader in specialist retail, a key figure in online retail, and is well-known through its wholly owned branches but a little less as a franchise. We want to reinforce our nationwide coverage in human-scale cities through our franchise model, in places where we are not yet established,” says Philippe Azerarak, Franchise and Partnership Director at Fnac.

NOZ, a family-run company founded in 1976 and the European leader in clearance goods aiming to become the world leader on its market, will also be exhibiting at the show for the first time this year. We are delighted with our first participation at Franchise Expo Paris. It gives us the opportunity to promote our brand which is growing healthily (+30% sales in 2023) and meet future franchisees (100 positions open all over France),” says Kevin Gonzalez, Franchise Development Manager at NOZ.

Despite the inflationary environment, the latest indicators from the franchising market for 2023, revealed by the French franchising Federation, show a trend in people wanting to treat themselves, take care of themselves, and share. Among the most noteworthy examples is the arrival of fitness brands at the show such as Keepcool and Club Pilates, but also brands specialising in CBD, with the first participation of, High Society and Kilogrammes. Organic goods, although they have had less wind in their sails in recent years, remain a important segment at the show. It is in these circumstances that the organic and responsible cosmetics brand Avril was launched in 2012, at a time when the organic market only accounted for 2% or 3% of total cosmetics sales. The brand, which has experienced strong growth and owns most of if its stores, is planning to open around 30 franchises in the coming years.

Finally, hospitality and catering stand out as the most dynamic and innovative sector at this year’s show, with the arrival of 25 new brands, including the comeback of big international names such as McDonald’s and Subway, but also well-known French brands such as Chamas, O’Tacos et Point B. There is also a noticeable trend for theme concepts, particularly steakhouses with the debut appearance of Kiosque du Boucher; regional concepts like Mamie Bigoude, L’Alsacien and L’Atelier Crêperie, and also an original and on-trend concept combining a café and a health club, The New Me.

A series of talks reserved for new brands
This year, new exhibitors will be well and truly centre stage: many of them will be speaking at talks and workshops to help franchise entrepreneurs find the right path, with contributions dealing with their own sector, market trends, or reflecting upon their own personal experiences.
Alexis Dhellemmes, the founder of Avril, will be speaking in two talks, including Beauty & Health: towards a responsible sector?” on Saturday 16 March at 10.30am, in the Specialist Outlets pitch forum, and Joining a young network: challenge or opportunityon Sunday 17 March at 10.00am in the Agora.

Iheb Jebali, development officer at O’Tacos will be speaking in the panel discussion Medium-sized cities, the new playground for entrepreneurs?” on Saturday 16 March at 11.30 in the Villes & Territoires pitch forum.

Fabrice Gilet, a new exhibitor with Quality Piscines, will be a speaker in I have a small budget, can I still start my business?” on Saturday 16 March at 12.00pm in Workshop 2.

Kevin Gonzalez, Franchise Development Manager at NOZ, will be among the speakers at the panel discussion Specialized outlets: local, discount... what are the new expectations of consumers?” on Sunday 17 March at 10.30am in the Specialised Outlets pitch forum.

Finaly, most new exhibitors will have a chance to introduce themselves on Franchise Expo Live, the new space set up at the show. Subway will be among the first to present their brand and describe the type of profile they are looking for in their network, on Saturday 16 March at 4.30pm.

Newcomers in 2024

This year, more than 220 brands are exhibiting for the first time, or returning to the show following an absence of several years. They include:
• In fast food: McDonald’s, Subway, Chamas Tacos, Flam’s, Chicken Street, Point B, O’Tacos
• In bakery: Augustin, Mariette, Paul, Boulangerie Feuillette
• In beauty: Avril, Nail Passion, L’institut de beauté Beauty Success, l’Occitane…
• In leisure: Fnac, Escape Yourself, La Grande Recré, Terragame…
• In interior design: B&M, Iris Galerie
• In real estate: Avinim, Dubaï immo, Hoquet Business, Immerialys,
• In fashion accessories: Histoire d’Or, MiraMira, Polette…
• In fitness: Club Pilates, Keepcool
• In the automotive sector: Mondial Pare-Brise, Transak Auto, X’PERT Impact…
• In building: Aquilus Piscines, Mieux Rénover, Préservation du patrimoine Français…
• In B2B services: Monkey Locky, GCl Experts Gestion…
• In B2C services: Box en Loc, Conciergerie Yes, La Main Tendue, Les Petits Bilingues, Mathnasium…
• etc.

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