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Press release - January 2023
As an alternative to multi-unit franchising, multi-brand franchising can be the ideal solution for expanding a business, especially for entrepreneurs who want to diversify. It offers the advantage of several networks with different concepts and sectors of activity, providing a complementary offering. By creating synergies between activities, multi-brand franchising helps to boost power and profitability.

The Multi-Unit Franchise Forum will take place on Monday 18 March. Organised by Progressium and Franchise Expo Paris, its third successive edition will assemble around a hundred French multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees, as well as 20 brands looking to extend their operations in France. The day will feature a panel discussion on "how to go from franchisee to multi-brand or multi-unit", followed by a presentation of the brands by our hosts.

Meet three entrepreneurs who have risen to the multi-brand franchising challenge.

Arnaud Michalec – Multi-brand franchisee in home fittings and furnishings

Arnaud and Nicolas met during their time at university, and after spending 13 and 17 years in sales for an office supplies and services company, they decided to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship by opening their first SoCoo'c shop in 2020. The made-in-France kitchen brand was looking to set up in the Montceau-les-Mines region, and the concept appealed to the pair in their forties. Building on this first experience, and on the strength of their discussions with customers, they quickly identified the opportunity to develop another franchise with France Literie.

“From our everyday chats with our customers at SoCoo'c, we realised that the vast majority of them were also looking for furnishings for other rooms in the house, particularly the bedroom. We quickly identified this need and the opportunity represented by the development of another complementary brand in the home sector. It was important for us to maintain the same brand positioning to appeal to our SoCoo'c clients, and France Literie completely met our criteria. Today, the two shops are located close to one another, in the same catchment area, and we each divide our time between the two outlets to maintain an overview of both businesses and maximise synergies.”
Arnaud Michalec – SoCoo’c franchisee in Monceau-les-Mines

Franck Briet – A franchisee of many talents

Franck discovered entrepreneurship in the early 2000s when he opened a supermarket under the Casino franchise, which he ran for 3 years.
The adventure then continued with the creation, together with his wife Aude, of gyms under the Amazonia franchise in Bergerac, Montauban and then Caen.

In 2017, Franck repeated the franchise experience with the Elancia brand. A brand that matched the values of support and authenticity he was looking for.

In November 2023, the latest addition to the Briet family, "Papilles et papillotes", opened in Caen-Mondeville - an exciting new challenge! Today, they are at the head of a range of brands that are both distinctive and socially aware... but above all, that are like them.
“I love a challenge. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas. That's why I feel that multi-brand franchising is my best route to professional fulfilment. Working every day with my wife, who accompanies me in all my projects, is very rewarding. We complement each other.”
Franck Briet – Elancia and Papilles & Papillotes franchisee

Christophe Huet – an entrepreneur at heart

After an initial franchising experience with La Mie Câline lasting 15 years, Christophe was a Happy franchisee (Monceau Fleurs Group) for 10 years and then worked under the Andre brand for 5 years.
In 2014, he embarked on another adventure, this time with Le Comptoir de Mathilde, opening a shop in Rennes and another in St Grégoire three years later.

In 2019, Christophe continued in the same vein, opening a Columbus Café in Saint-Malo.

In 2022, he opened the Toasushi restaurant in the Grand Quartier shopping centre in Saint Grégoire.

To date, he operates the Comptoir de Mathilde shops in Rennes and St Grégoire, the Columbus Café in Saint-Malo and the Toasushi in St Grégoire.

“I've been working in franchising since I was 24. I've been able to work for several brands in different sectors. Each of these experiences has been extremely rewarding and has enabled me to acquire a wide range of skills. For me, entrepreneurship is a real passion. Thanks to it, I've been able to fulfil my potential professionally, and I'm still learning today.”
Christophe Huet - Comptoir de Mathilde, Columbus Café and Toasushi franchisee

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