Franchise Expo Paris unveils the programme of its new, condensed 42nd edition, promising an experience packed with encounters and opportunities

Press release - January 2024
The French Franchising Federation (FFF) and Infopro Digital today unveil the programme of the 42nd edition of their unmissable event for entrepreneurship, scheduled for 16-18 March 2024 at Paris Porte de Versailles. This edition places the expectations of its visitors and exhibitors at the centre of its concerns, since the show is now held over a shorter period of three days instead of four, and from Saturday to Monday to cater to their availability. This year, more than 150 talks, workshops, debates and pitches will be organised throughout its duration.

Interactive workshops to answer all questions

An array of workshops are on offer to reassure project developers wanting to launch their business. All the expert speakers will dispel any doubts that young entrepreneurs might have. The topics include: a personality test to find out whether you’ve got the businessperson profile (16 March at 12.45pm), age-related considerations: am I too young or perhaps too old to launch my project? (16 March at 3.00pm and 18 March at 3.00pm), or questions around a lack of academic qualifications (16 March at 5.15pm). On the franchisor side, since launching one’s own concept can also give rise to doubts and reservations, around ten dedicated workshops are also planned. These will be hosted by teams of two or three experts from the FFF.

All the keys to help future franchise entrepreneurs get started

2024 should be a year of economic recovery, marked by a slow decline in inflation. This trend should lead to an increase in purchasing power, generating more potential customers. As a result, the franchising model is set for a bright future. Which is why, more than ever this year, the exhibition is committed to encouraging and supporting all future franchise entrepreneurs as they launch their businesses. A number of highlights are being organised throughout the show to pave the way to success, including: Convincing your banker in 3 steps (16 March at 1.45pm), Choosing the right location (16 March at 2pm), Franchises accessible with low liquid capital (17 March at 11.30am), Solutions to boost the financing of your project (18 March at 2pm) and The right franchise for you (18 March at 3.45pm).

Those who dared, tell their story

This year, the exhibition will benefit from the personal accounts of three key figures who have made a name for themselves in the world of business. Whether influential personalities or daring business leaders, they have all the ingredients to give excellent advice to those wishing to embark upon an entrepreneurial adventure!

A look back on the entrepreneurial journey of the influencer and journalist HugoDécrypte

HugoDécrypte, whose real name is Hugo Travers, is a French video journalist. Well-known for the YouTube channel bearing his name, in 2023 he launched a free incubator for young content creators, to offer them the benefit of his experience.
➜ Agora, Saturday 16 March, 3.00 – 4.00pm

Feedback from Raibed and Fatiha Tahri, the founders of Pap et Pille

Pap et Pille was born of the idea of two nurses to miniaturise the recipes they had discovered around the world in the form of bite-sized snack balls. Wanting to launch their project but receiving the backing of nobody, they decided to sell their house to finance their first production line. It was a risky gamble, but one that paid off, as they subsequently landed a number of opportunities, including winning the Franprix innovation competition and taking part in the TV show "Qui veut être mon associé" (Dragon’s Den).
➜ Agora, Sunday 17 March, 2.00 – 3.00pm

A look back on the career of Nina Métayer, voted the world’s best pastry chef in 2023

Nina Métayer is a renowned French pastry chef who has worked with many prominent chefs. During the pandemic, at a time when she was dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, Nina Métayer took the gamble of investing in a 100% digital patisserie. She is now at the head of a Group that highlights her expertise in haute pâtisserie and develops consulting assignments, design services, culinary events and demonstrations.
➜ Agora, Monday 18 March, 12.00 – 1.00pm

Inspirational personal accounts to prove that everything is possible

As every year, entrepreneurs from the world of franchising will be coming to talk about their respective experiences. These masterclasses will focus on professional and personal experiences, as well as the keys to entrepreneurship, to reassure, support and inspire potential franchisees.
For example:

  • Optimism, the key to success in business! by Michel Poulaert (16 March at 11.00am)
  • Career change: they used to be employees, they became franchisees and they’ve succeeded! (16 March at 3.45pm)
  • Taking out a franchise with a young brand: a good opportunity? with the winners of Révélations de la Franchise (17 March at 3.45pm)
  • Women and entrepreneurship: why they chose franchising (18 March at 2.00pm)

Pitches to take the plunge in the ideal sector

Every day, sector-based talks will be organised to highlight the trends and new developments i the 90 sectors represented by the show’s exhibitors. These sessions will offer an update on each market, and will include:
  • Health & Beauty: becoming a responsible sector? (16 march at 10.30am)
  • Coffee shops: the growing momentum of a new market? (16 March at 4.00pm)
  • Specialist retail: local shops, discount, etc.: what are the new expectations of consumers? (17 March at 10.30am)
  • Fast food: awareness of healthy eating to stand out? (17 March at 2.10pm)
  • The confirmed enthusiasm of French consumers for the great outdoors (18 March at 12.00pm)

Talks and debates to get down to business

The exhibition will focus on in-depth talks and discussions on key entrepreneurial themes such as Corporate Social Responsibility (16 March at 11.30am), the challenge of young networks (16 March at 4.15pm), taking over a retail outlet (18 March at 11am), and using digital technology to strengthen franchise networks (17 March at 11.30am).
  • Some of the discussions will even take place live from the exhibition's new TV studio, where a number of media outlets will be hosting their daily broadcasts:
  • Creating a franchise, the key milestones in the morning edition of Toute la Franchise (16 March at 10.30am)
  • How to make digital tech an ally for one’s franchise network, by LSA (17 March at 11.30am)
  • Recruitment: the number 1 priority for franchisors and franchisees? by LSA (18 March at 11.30am)
  • Don’t be alone in your entrepreneurial adventure! by Tous Entrepreneurs (18 March at 12.25pm)

Award ceremonies to distinguish the rising stars

As at each show, Franchise Expo Paris rewards the figures that have marked the year.

Révélations de la Franchise awards
The French Franchising Federation, in collaboration with its partners, honours the winners of the 2024 edition of the "Révélations de la franchise®", a competition dedicated to young networks that have developed innovative and promising concepts.
➜ Saturday 16 March

Rubans de la Franchise
The Rubans de la Franchise awards are presented to franchisors, franchise entrepreneurs or partners who have particularly distinguished themselves through their commitment to the development, innovation, promotion or enhancement of franchising, whether in France or abroad.
➜ Sunday 17 March

About the French Franchising Federation
A major player in the dynamism of the French economy, the French Franchising Federation is the professional federation of franchisors and their franchisees since 1971. It represents the franchising model, a model of entrepreneurship based on the transfer of know-how and the sharing of value. Its role is to promote, defend and perpetuate the franchise model, but also to federate its ecosystem and create the tools and the environment for the development and performance of franchise networks. In 1981, the French Franchise Federation created the Franchise Expo Paris exhibition, which has since become a major annual international franchising event.
In France, franchising accounts for 1,972 networks, 84,497 franchised outlets, for a turnover of more than 76.6 billion euros. The activity generates 828,178 jobs (direct and indirect). In 2009, the FFF created the Acadélmie de la Franchise, the first training organisation for franchising professions, whose services are aimed at future franchisees, but also to future and current franchisors.
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About Infopro Digital
Infopro Digital is a B2B group specializing in information and technology. Ranked as the 8th largest technology group in France, the group is present in 18 countries and employs nearly 4,000 people. Its innovative solutions are aimed at professional communities in five key economic sectors: Construction & Public Sector, Automotive, Risk & Insurance, Industry, and Retail. Thanks to the group’s sector-specific expertise, Infopro Digital covers all the needs of professionals. Its solutions enable decision-makers to make informed decisions and companies to sustainably develop their business and performance.
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