The 2023 edition

Franchise Expo Paris is the leading business event for franchise entrepreneurs in France, and for investors / master franchisees internationally. It's the opportunity for brands to meet future franchisees and business partners, for future growth.
With 500 exhibitors, 20% of internationals, Franchise Expo Paris is the leading franchising event.
It's the place to be for entrepreneurs and franchise candidates who can find all the franchise ecosystem under the same roof : franchisors, franchise experts, banks, partners...

What's the profile of the visitors?

The show attracts all project holders to help them find the right answers to create their own business and set out the advantages of the franchise model.

Franchise Expo Paris is open to all entrepreneurs, whether they've been thinking of creating their own business for years or they want to change career, or they are looking for new professional challenges.

More than 30,000 project holders

  • Independent shopkeepers or franchisees, who think about franchise to develop their business,
  • Employees or employees looking to change career by creating their own business, and searching for a concept that will suit their expectations,
  • Franchise candidates who already have a strong project and are lloking for franchise experts to finalize the last details,
  • Future franchisors who are willing to see if their concept is commercially viable, know more about the franchising model, and meet franchise experts to help them in their journey.
  • Investors who are looking for the right French or international franchise to develop in their area.

Who exhibits ?

The show welcomes 500 exhibitors, among them 400 brands and about 100 partners ( banks, lawyers, accountants, consultants, federations, media, cities & territories...) to help entrepreneurs, franchise candidates and franchise networks.

The brands represent the following business sectors:

  • Automotive, cycle, motorbike (car wash center, car rental...)
  • Construction (housebuilder, renewable energy...)
  • Beauty, health, fitness (sports club, nail care...)
  • Specialist food shops (bakery, specialty store...)
  • Specialist outlets (pet shops, leisure centre & indoor games...)
  • Food shops (organic shop, supermarket & hypermarket...)
  • Home fittings & accessories (tableware, kitchen shops...)
  • Fashion & personal accessories (jewellery, ready-to-wear clothing...)
  • Hotels & restaurants (bar & pubs, quick service restaurant...)
  • B2B Services (coworking, goods shipping...)
  • B2C Services (removals & storage, tutoring...)

2023 new features

The 2023 edition is a turning point for the show with several new features

A new graphic identity

The new identity of the show starts with a new logo: it shows the dynamism of the expo with its bright colours. The cross identifies as a crossroad, the aisles of the show and all the meetings. Simple and easy to understand, its modern design is recognizable.

A new hall

Franchise Expo Paris is moving out of its traditional pavilions 2.2 and 3, into the iconic pavilion 1 of Paris Porte de Versailles. The hall is larger and will improve the tradeshow's visibility while also offering a more uniform exhibition space.

A new sectorised floor plan

A sectorised layout design has been introduced to clarify the range of opportunitoes offered by exhibitors to the visitors interested in launching their business. The exhibitors are divided into 10 main zones, seperated by wide central aisles, and arranged in such a way as to improve and distribute visitor footfall at the show and offer visibility to all sectors.

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