Only in French - Multi-Unit Forum #3

in partnership with Progressium

For the 3rd year in a row, Progressium and Franchise Expo Paris partner to organize the Multi-Unit Forum, an event dedicated to multi-unit franchise in France, where brands are able to introduce their concept in front of French multi-unit franchisees, who are looking for new business opportunities.

On invitation only.

More information coming soon.
Les fondements d'un bon franchiseur

(In French) Take a look at the 2023 blue book: What make a good franchisor?

This blue book is the result of the work of multi-unit franchisees during The Lab, conducting during the 2nd edition of the Multi-Unit Forum, in partnership with Progressium.

These brands participated in 2023

101 Caffe
Berliner das Original
La Fabrique cookies
Fitness Park
La taverne
Mail boxes etc
Maisons du monde
Monoprix Maison
Pizza Cosy
You & Eye

2nd edition key figures: March, 21st 2023

lab & blue book
French multi-unit franchisees

Why should yoou choose multi-unit or pluri-unit franchise?

Multi-unit franchise

Multi-unit franchise enables to increase one's turnover, but also mutualizes expenses, ease stock management and lower risks. It's an great mean to run a territory and be strong against competition.


It's a less common trend, pluri-franchise enables to diversify one's activity, lower risks on the market and of season trends, creates links between complementary activities (furniture and kitchen builder, for example) or to develop on one dedicated area without cannibalazing one's business.

Are you interested in participating?